Painter / Visual Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden

As a professional visual artist, I specialize in creating abstract fine art paintings using oil on canvas or watercolor. My location is in the suburban area of Nacka, situated just outside of Stockholm. Alongside my passion for painting, I also pursue a career as a graphic designer, illustrator, and visualizer.

When it comes to my work, I focus on evoking an emotional experience for the viewer. My inspiration often stems from a strong desire to express a particular color or combination of colors that I have been contemplating for some time. This feeling can linger in my mind for weeks before I finally put brush to canvas. However, once I begin the process, it is quick and intuitive, with the artwork itself guiding the direction of the piece.

In my previous works, I have explored landscapes and individuals, capturing everyday moments and emotions both at home and during my travels. However, my current focus has shifted towards creating a viewing experience that is emotionally evocative and captivating in the moment.To achieve this, I experiment with different techniques, layering colors and textures in unexpected ways to create depth and complexity. I also pay close attention to the interplay between light and shadow, using it to create a sense of movement and depth that draws the viewer in.

To comprehend my approach to art, it may be helpful to compare visual art to music.  Just as music is classified into genres such as classical, rock, and pop, visual art can also be categorized into different styles and movements.

Artworks that depict real subjects such as landscapes or people can be compared to musical compositions. A classic Renaissance painting is similar to a classical piece of music, while a pop art piece could be likened to a rock or pop tune. Both are easily recognizable and have a broad appeal.

However, the comparison between art and music can be taken further. Just as music can be categorized into different genres, it can also be sub-categorized into Baroque, Romantic, and Modernist in the case of classical music. Similarly, artistic movements such as Impressionism, Expressionism, and Abstract Expressionism have influenced my artistic style.

My preference is for abstract art, which resembles simple sounds rather than music. A monochrome painting can have the same effect as the meditative sound "Om" or "Aum" which is considered the sound of the universe. Similarly, a complex abstract painting can be compared to experimental music, which challenges expectations and pushes the boundaries of what is considered music.

My aim is to create artwork that speaks to the viewer on an emotional level, rather than an intellectual one.
I strive to create moods in the same way that natural phenomena, such as the sound of ocean waves crashing against a shore or the rustling of leaves in the wind,
can evoke different emotions. Similar to these natural phenomena, my artwork can be interpreted and associated with different emotions by different people,
or even by the same person at different times.

In order to broaden our perspectives and gain new insights, I think it is essential that we expose ourselves to different cultures, ideas, and experiences. By doing so, we can expand our knowledge and understanding, and view the world through a new lens.

Ultimately, I firmly believe that art has the power to move, challenge, and inspire us, and that it has the potential to transform the world. I aspire to contribute and be a part of this process in some small way.

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